Policy & Process for Proposing to Use the FCCLA Emblem and/or Acronym on Products or Apparel Not Already Offered with an FCCLA Emblem and/or Acronym

  1. The official FCCLA vendor and emblematic supplier, E Group, has the exclusive legal right to use the FCCLA logo and acronym on merchandise.
  2. If a local chapter, state association, or other FCCLA affiliate (the “Affiliate”) wants to purchase products with the FCCLA emblem or acronym on merchandise not already sold by E Group, the Affiliate may ask E Group directly, but if it chooses not to:
a. The Affiliate must obtain one or more written bids for such FCCLA logo products to be produced;
b. The Affiliate’s bid terms must require the would-be vendor to provide at least 5% of the full order amount to FCCLA as a royalty;
c. The Affiliate must provide a copy of each submitted bid to E Group and give E Group 24 hours to decide whether to match that bid and produce the desired merchandise itself; and,
i. If E Group notifies FCCLA and the Affiliate that it wishes to match the proposed bid and produce the merchandise, the Affiliate works with E Group to order the merchandise or does not order the merchandise at all;
ii. If E Group does not respond within 24 hours or indicates it does not wish to produce the merchandise, then the Affiliate is free to engage the other vendor to produce the merchandise under the terms of the bid on the condition that the Affiliate provides FCCLA with a completed one-time use agreement form and a photo proof of the product, so that FCCLA can give that company one-time  permission to use the logo on that item in exchange for that company paying FCCLA 5% of the sales order as a royalty payment.
For all other inquiries, please contact customer service at FCCLAStore@egroupengage.com
or 888-502-0360.